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Years in business

With more than 20 years experience in fireplace industry, Vanox Fireplace Inc. is providing professional and affordable gas fireplace services and installations in Vancouver and suburbs.


Happy Customers

Our goal is to create a satisfied customer of each and every client, and we believe having referral by word of mouth is more powerful than advertising.



Your safety is our priority and you can rest assured our certified technicians follow to the letter all BC Gas Code standards and regulations


Our family-owned company offers a full range of gas fireplaces, and related services including inspection and repair, sales and installation of gas fireplaces and a wide range of accessories . With many satisfied home owners, realtors, property managers and dealers, Vanox Fireplace Inc. is Lower Mainland's best value for gas fireplace installation and service.

As part of our commitment to giving you the very best in gas fireplaces, we recently started our manufacturing line.


SOLARA SOL36BNE is a linear B vent gas fireplace with electronic ignition, clean face design, contemporary linear glass burner or driftwood log set and optional circulating blower.

The fireplace is designed and approved to accommodate most of the B vent sizes 4", 5" and 6", as well as power vented applications, and it can replace most of the old models manufactured by Montigo, Kingsman, Napoleon, Heat N Glow, Firesong etc. For details, please refer to the installation manual.

Product brochure Installation manual
Solara Gas Fireplaces
Lyra Line Gas Fireplaces

Lyra 28 Line

VRI28BN & VZB28BN - BVent Fireplaces LYRA28 is a B-vented gas fireplace insert designed to transform an existing old traditional inefficient zero clearance BV fireplace into a beautiful and efficient heat of source without renovation.

The Lyra line is engineered to meet the highest safety requirements and is designed to fit most applications without necessity of changing the venting or the building envelope.

Product brochure Installation manual

New Deluxe Grille

The New Deluxe Grille is engineered to meet the highest safety requirements and is designed to fit most applications without necessity of changing the venting or the building envelope.


Our Select Partners

To give you the best selection of gas fireplaces in addition to our own products, we partnered with the following top fireplace vendors:

Words of Gratitude from Our Customers

Below are some of the testimonials our customers have sent us.
If you would like more information on any of our products or services, please contact us.

  • My husband and I both love building and renovating and when it comes to making decisions on what sort of fireplace to install it is always a Vanox product. We love every aspect about it. From the helpful and courteous customer service of Alex through to the experience and enjoyment you get when using it. No house should be without one! The simplicity of the design lends itself to all decors and you don't have to worry about leaving the fire on when you go to sleep or leave the house. The heat that is generated from it is so inviting and comfortable I look forward to cold weekends just so that we can have the fireplace going. Thank you Vanox for making winter so much easier to stay warm and cozy.

    Vivienne & JohnnyCustomer
  • We just wanted to tell you how happy we are with our Lyra Fireplace from Vanox. We installed it in our home few months ago now. It's been completely trouble-free and the heat which it gives out is incredible. It's the best investment we ever made and when we build our next home, we are definitely putting in another Vanox Fireplace. Thank you Alex, we'll see you when we build our next place!

    Hans & Robyn BrandtCustomer
  • Alex, we went to my brother's apartment yesterday and saw the new fireplace you installed last week. It is beautiful and Maury is very pleased. It also seems to be throwing out more heat than the last one and he likes that. Thank you for the prompt service. We are also pleased and think your choice of the fireplace is excellent.

    Alexene SilverCustomer
  • I've been really pleased with our fireplace. It is an unique combination of elegance and efficiency. Our Nova Fireplace from Vanox has seen a lot of duty last year... back to old style winters. The fireplace has become the focus of our winter when indoors. It looks great and produces a lovely heat, making it cozy and comfortable when inside the house. All in all, we couldn't be happier with our Nova Fireplace and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it very highly indeed.

    Robert StaygallCustomer